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Fully Registered bridges the gap between Shareware and Shrink Wrap software.
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the launch of our new sister site -

Most PC users need utility programs from time to time to perform specific tasks.Since shrink wrap software tends to be mass market tools such as Word Processors, if you need a particular tool then you would probably go to a shareware download site.

But whilst the shareware concept is a great idea, the main problem is that there is no quality control.Any school kid with a PC and some programming knowledge can write and release a program as shareware - and it shows!Most shareware sites will barely glance at a program before adding it to their library.As a hobby, trying out loads of programs may be a lot of fun, but if you need a program to do your job then you just want one that works.

Some shareware sites allow users to post reviews - but it would seem that because you don't need to even look at the program, never mind buy it, before posting your opinion, a lot of reviews look like they have been written by friend (or indeed enemy/competitor) of the author.

If you take into account that for every program you try, between downloading, installation, testing and uninstalling, it can easily take 15-20 minutes.So if you need to try 3 or 4 programs to find a good one then that's an hour of your valuable time.Then once you register it you will often have to wait at least 12 hours to receive your download key, and then there is the time to install the key.

Surely there must be a better way?

Fully Registered brings a new option to the table.
Shareware sites don't do thorough reviews of programs simply because they don't have the resources to do so.With a few exceptions, they receive nothing from either the author or the customer - they rely totally on advertising revenue, which doesn't add up to much these days.

Fully Registered turns this system on it's head - we thoroughly review programs before we list them and ensure that they meet certain quality standards.Instead of downloading a demo, then purchasing a license key costing anything from $10 to $50, with us you purchase the Full Program up front for just US$3.

It's not in our interests to list rubbish programs, or give unfairly flattering reviews - we'll give it to your warts n'all, after all - a dissatisfied customer tells an average of 3 people - and we want you to be happy with your purchase and come back with your friends for more!

Only people who purchase the program are allowed to write reviews - that way they will tend to be more accurate than "free for all" reviewing systems.

But how does the program's author benefit? Well Shareware authors generally make about 1 sale in every 100-500 downloads.Often people will use the program during the "free" period, and have no further need of it by the time it expires.By the time they've paid for the bandwidth on 100-500 downloads, there isn't a lot of profit left over.It isn't surprising therefore that many authors seem to "abandon" their programs, so it could well be that by the time you find the one you like that the author is no longer available to process your registration.

A Win-Win situation
This really is a win-win situation - The customer gets a fully working, top quality program that is guaranteed to meet certain standards, for only $3 - making it truly disposable!

The software authors make up what they lose in selling price, in volume, plus they don't have to waste their time devising registration schemes or methods to reduce piracy.

If you have any enquiries please Contact Us

Fully Registered
We will start out with a small, focused range of software.If the concept catches on, as we are confident it will, then we will expand the range accordingly.

Purchasing will be both cheap and easy - simply select the programs you want, enter your details and download them, ready to run!nsbp;You may even burn them to CD for safe keeping.

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